Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I was ill today, so I spent the day watching disney channel, market kitchen, ANTM (America's Next Top Model) re-runs, and MTV. I actually ended up getting really annoyed at MTV, because all the music was just mindless mainstream stuff, and they just kept on repeating about ten songs over and over again! So, I decided to google previous ANTM contestants to pass my time. I was so bored, I ended up making "collages" of them.

Lauren Brie Harding: I didn't actually like her during her cycle and I thought she was really ugly, but I don't think that anymore!

Katarzyna Dolinska: Her cycle was so pointless. Whitney was such a token jesture winner.....

Erin Wagner: I hated her attitude, but I think she was so pretty and her photos were stunning

Cycle 11: I thought they had some really gorgeous girls in this series, but I didn't actually like any of them because they were all really annoying and mean!

Allison Harvard: All I can say is that she should have won... (the piece of art in the top right is not random by the way, she made it)

Nicole Fox: In my opinion she is one of the prettiest girls that has ever been on the show. So what if she's weird and can't walk that well, all of her photos were GORGEOUS!


foreverme22 said...

I so think allison should have won - how often do you get a face like that? And I wanted Katarzyna to win as well.

MariamLovesJLS. said...

i think the top left picture of erin is mind blowingly beautiful! :O

rosie.elizabeth said...

Katarzyna was GORGEOUS and I completely agree about Nicole, her photos were fantastic and she is definitely one of the most talented and attractive girls they've ever had! I loved her from about the middle of the series on but to start with I didn't like her because I thought it was really obvious that she was going to win.
x x x

Beni said...

foreverme22: i completely agree with you

Mariam: i know! i think they were test shots for an agency

rosie: nicole did start of really weird, but i'm so glad she won!

Cocò said...

I agree. I really prefer Katarzyna. Lovely blog!
Now I'm your follower, ;D I hope u'll follow me too on: www.daddysneatness.blogspot.com . See u soon! Xoxo

jessica danielle. said...

Erin was gorgeous, but I agree, she was a brat. I was so shocked when I saw Alison on the show. I had followed her art for years and she was the last person I'd expect to be on ANTM of all things! Nevertheless, she should have won. That girl who won (I can't even remember her name, I guess she's not doing anything!) didn't even look like a model.

Great blog too, following you now :)


Anonymous said...

OMG nicole <3 one of my favourite models and not just ANTM ones! she's so gorgous and yeah she's weird, but that kinda makes her more individual. i love her. and have to agree, erin is a stunning dollface but she has an attitude of a bitch. still gotta love her face though. i kinda thought that she would be in the final though cos her face is amazing. i do love laura but her face is a bit plain.

Beni said...

I agree with everyone's comments! And for those who like Nicole, check out her Wildfox lookbook photos - they are stunning!

beeble said...

Allison was one of my all time favourites! loved her, so individual i wish she had one instead of teyona! i did a post on the wildfox lookbook few days ago, hope you check it out (:

eli_7 said...

Hey there, thank for following my blog ^^
OMG I'm addicted to ANTM. Have you watched cycle 14 yet? I love Raina I think she's gorgeous and I love her eyebrows lol :)