Friday, 16 April 2010

So What If I Wish I Was A Rockstar Who Plays A Banjo And Wears A Bow Tie

Yes, the title is a real dream of mine, but for it to be complete I'd have to be a dude, and to be honest, I'm not very comfortable with that, so for now it will remain as just a dream.....

Anyways, I would like to introduce everyone to a singer/songwriter who is really talented and just generally cool! So, the artist I would like to introduce you all to is called Robbie Boyd. Google him if you want, because his songs are really cool. He sings with an english accent, and his lyrics are amazing. My favourite song is probably Never Never Land, purely because the song is about
Peter Pan! Below are some of his lyrics:
I just want to fly Rings around the moon - Amsterdam
Hearts melt Orion's Belt is always round the corner - Orion's Belt
Your heart of gold has turned Cold with war - Red Queen
I painted your face with the sun And melted your lips with jasper - Dreams of Amber

Grow back your wings And learn to fly
Never never land never gonna be a so called man - Never Never Land
Clocks ticking quickly Underneath the sky

And I'll hold my breath Waiting for your touch And I'm on my knees So baby won't you breathe with me Cause I'm tripping over love - Tripping Over Love

And now to finish, here is an Easter Playlist which I have gradually added to these past days:

Shooting Star - Air Traffic
The Bakery (acoustic version) - Arctic Monkeys
Strawberry Swing - Coldplay
Kingdom Come - Coldplay
See You Soon - Coldplay
Stylo - Gorillaz
Seaside - The Koooks
California Dreaming - The Mamas & The Papas
Hold On To What You Believe - Mumford & Sons
Rocks and Daggers - Noah & The Whale
These Streets - Paolo Nutini
Candy - Paolo Nutini
She Said - Plan B
Orion's Belt - Robbie Boyd
Never Never Land - Robbie Boyd


through the lens. said...

aaah, arctic monkeys, you know the bakery? i'm impressed, beni, truly i am ;)

MIA said...

I'm surprised, you post only with text is really good and appealing.

I already had checked robbie boyd..

love air traffic, arctic monkeys, coldplay, the kooks and paolo nutini.

I'm also impressed for you know paolo nutini and the bakery!

see you later dear

Amy Jessica said...

I Gave you an award!
check it out

Amy Jessica

Beni said...

Glad you both like it! i didn't realise the bakery wasn't well known....
and thank you for the award!