Thursday, 15 July 2010


I have a new favourite photographer. SALLY MANN. I went to her exhibition the other day at the Photographers Gallery and I was literally blown away.

She uses antique film cameras to take the photos, and then often uses the back of her truck as a temporary darkroom. This means that lots of her photos have marks, drips and stains on them, which makes me love them even more.

The exhibition was a compilation of three different sets, with my favourite prints being from the series, "Immediate Family". It was a truly brilliant exhibition, and below are a few photos of hers.

Sally Mann Pictures, Images and Photos

Sally Mann Pictures, Images and Photos

Sally Mann Pictures, Images and Photos

Sally Mann Pictures, Images and Photos

Sally Mann = Genius Pictures, Images and Photos

girl on beach sally mann Pictures, Images and Photos

untitled Pictures, Images and Photos

Damaged Child Sally Mann Pictures, Images and Photos


through the lens. said...


Phoebe.Madeleine said...

they're rather amazing :D

Anonymous said...

sally mann! omg i went to see her stuff at the photogrpahers gallery yesterday and it was absolutely stunning! there wasn't one photo i disliked. esp loved all the ones of her children, so beautiful and the one with the girl in water with her head poking out of the water which was also in the metro last week.

Ella Jasmine said...


Ella Jasmine,

Sarah said...

wow these are amazing.

Mary Lee said...

i went last week or so and it's amazing. my favourite one is the candy cigarette one!!!

beeble said...

omg these photos are adorable, theyre so eye-catching and moving. Although im not sure to what extent i agree with the child nudity and the child with the cigarette, although the photos do make up for it. i saw these photos on mary lee's blog and i was fishing for the photographer anyway, so thanks for sharing (:

Spence. said...

Amazing photos - I love the second one, mostly cuz it's contraversial, but it get's people talking, feeling, thinking... I believe summoning controversy is possibly one of the cleverest things you can do as a photographer ;)

Katie said...

Wow. I have just spent pretty much half my night just pouring over your blog and I am in total awe. I can feel myself bubbling with inspiration!!
I really look forward to seeing more of your posts. x

Nadia said...

gorgous pix!! i love the first and the 4th!